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Stainless Steel Flanges

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Industrial stainless steel flanges

Industrial stainless steel flanges are the most commonly used to join lengths of pipe. Normally found at one end of a pipe, or occasionally both ends, a steel pipe flange is a lip or ring that sticks out from the pipe or tube, perpendicular to the length. In order to achieve good flanges, Shangshang adopts the most advanced technology and materials. Stainless steel flanges manufactured by Shangshang is of good quality. In addition to LNG pipe, there are also many other kinds of stainless steel pipe products. If there is a need, please send a message by email to US.
1. Oil / petrochemical / marine industrial pipe
2. Electricity and nuclear power industrial pipe
3. Boiler heat exchanger tubes
4. Marine engineering steel pipes
5. High-speed rail engineering pipe
6. Aviation and aerospace industrial pipe
7. Food, pharmaceutical and sanitary pipe
8. Eco-friendly and new energy industrial pipe
9. Pulp and paper industrial steel pipe
10. Steel pipes for urban planning

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