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A Comparison Between Stainless Steel Pipe and Plastic Pipe

Time:2016.08.05 Source: http://www.sssshangshang.com Author:
This winter is too cold. Water in the water pipes was frozen, even at home. Rural house with plastic pipes unexpectedly cracked. Fortunately, city house uses the stainless steel pipe, it does not crack, and its quality quiet good. But why difference between plastic pipe and stainless steel pipe so big? So I looked for their information, also learned a lot of. And I want to share it with you.

The plastic pipe is made of plastic. Plastic pipe has the advantage of light weight, health security, small flow resistance, save energy, save metal. Besides, it has long service life, safe and convenient and it improves the living environment. Under the condition of temperature of 20℃, plastic pipe has commonly 50 years life, but when recycling waste plastic pipes, classification is very difficult, and not worthwhile. It is easy to burn. When meet with accidents such as fire, plastic pipe produce poisonous gas when burning. Polystyrene material burns produce toluene. For example, a few this material can lead to blindness, suction has the symptom such as vomiting. PVC material also can produce hydrogen chloride is toxic gas. In addition to burning, high temperature can lead to a corresponding plastic decompose toxic components, such as benzene. Plastic pipe supply has limitations, because plastic pipe raw material plastic is made from petroleum refining products, oil resources.

Next I'll focus on the stainless steel tube. Stainless steel pipe can be divided into stainless steel seamless steel tubes and stainless steel welded steel pipe. The difference can be in accordance with the manufacturing process.

Stainless steel seamless pipe production has many tips. As hot rolling, extrusion, cold drawing and cold rolling this several basic types. That is the general progress of stainless steel seamless pipe production. According to the section shape, it can be divided into circular tube and special-shaped tube, steel tube which are widely used. But there are some square, rectangle, semicircle, hexagonal, equilateral triangle, octagonal shaped stainless steel tube, etc.

Seamless stainless steel pipe, also known as stainless steel seamless tube, is made from solid tube ingot or the perforation capillary, then through hot rolling and cold rolling or cold dial. Wall thickness of the specifications of the seamless steel tube with diameter mm number representation. Seamless stainless steel tube is mainly used for conveying fluid.

These two pipes have each advantages and disadvantages, architects often weigh the pros and cons before choose according to actual situation. If you want to know more about Stainless steel seamless pipe production , you can find it by yourself. Shared so much, I hope that it be able to help you.