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Coal chemical technology and project full resolution

Coal Group Company is state-owned key enterprises SASAC management predecessor was established in July 1982 China Coal Import and Export Corporation. 2003 After Coal Construction Group Company is incorporated, changed its name to China National Coal Group Corporation, referred to in the Coal. By the end of 2013, China Coal Energy Group's total assets of 281.5 billion yuan, of workers 11 people. Total capacity of 239 million tons of coal, with coal washing plant 28, washing capacity of 253 million tons. Existing coke production capacity 5.6 million tons / year, methanol, 480,000 tons / year. 2013 Coal Group achieVed operating income of 108.7 billion yuan, total profit of 5.61 billion yuan, 192 million tons of raw coal output.

Coal chemical projects and eValuation:
1. Transit co-founder of the Ordos coal chemical project - by the China Petrochemical Corporation, China Coal Energy AG, Shenergy company, Inner Mongolia Man Shi coal company joint Venture deVelopment, including major construction projects 25 million tons / year of coal, 360 tons / year methanol (intermediate goods), 1.3 million tons / year of olefins and other supporting facilities.
2. Shaanxi coal methanol acetic acid series - Deep processing and comprehensiVe utilization project - project is located in Yulin, a building of 1.8 million tons / year coal methanol, 600,000 tons / year MTO, 30 tons / year of polyethylene, 300,000 tons / year polypropylene and C4 utilization. Phase ii construction 1.8 million tons / year coal methanol, 700,000 tons / year MTO and C4 utilization projects, has been the NDRC - flagging ‖.
3. Coal Erdos Tuke Fertilizer Project - Project a project with an annual output 1 million tons of synthetic ammonia, urea, 1.75 million tons, 410 million cubic meters of natural gas.
4. Coal and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group established a joint Venture in Shaanxi Yanchang Coal Yulin Energy and Chemical Company, the construction of Yulin Jingbian salt oil and gas comprehensiVe utilization of coal-to-olefins project. The main building, including 1.8 million tons / year of methanol and 600,000 tons / year of deep processing of methanol, 400,000 tons / Young processing and utilization of oil, 450,000 tons / year of polyethylene, 250,000 tons / year of polypropylene, 200,000 tons / year of Oxo alcohol, ethylene-propylene rubber, seVen sets of the main unit.
5. Mongolia New Energy MTO Projects - Central Coal Energy Holdings Ltd., Inner Mongolia Boyuan United Chemical Co., 1.2 million tons / year of methanol and Inner Mongolia New Energy and Chemical Base DeVelopment Co., Ltd. in the construction of 600,000 tons / year methanol project as raw materials, annual production capacity of 600,000 tons of polyolefin plants.
6. Coal PINGSHUO coal 400,000 tons / year of ammonium nitrate project - inVest 4.2 billion yuan, coal, 300,000 tons / year of synthetic ammonia transfer 400,000 t / y of porous ammonium nitrate byproduct 110 million Nm3 / natural gas. Now ciVil construction and equipment installation, planned for the first half of 2015 feeding trial run.
7. Coal Zhundong coal gas project - planning a total inVestment of 26.4 billion yuan, the construction of 4 billion Nm3 / year coal gas, supporting 15 million tons / year coal mine, 2 × 660MW power plant, has been NDRC "flagging" .

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