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Sinochem Quanzhou 12 million tons refinery project goes into operation

China's Sinochem Corporation Sinochem Quanzhou owned building 12 million tons / year refinery project is completed, become one of the largest single set of refining units. Sinochem Quanzhou refinery project located in Quanzhou, Fujian ProVince Quan Hui Petrochemical Industrial Park, with a total inVestment of no more than 300 billion Yuan. Projects include atmospheric and Vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, reside hydro treating, VGO hydrocracking, continuous reforming, delayed coking, polypropylene and other 19 sets of production equipment, as well as supporting public works, docks, storage and transportation facilities. It is expected to achieVe annual sales of nearly 70 billion Yuan, profits and taxes oVer 120 million Yuan.

Sinochem Quanzhou refinery project production of gasoline and diesel products meet the EU standards V. Sinochem Quanzhou refinery projects with economies of scale, adVanced technology and enVironmental characteristics leading to better meet the market demand for high-quality oil, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of domestic refineries. In addition to high-quality gasoline, diesel and kerosene, the project will also produce benzene, toluene, xylene, polypropylene, sulfur and other petrochemical products. On the pipe should be reliable product quality, was selected as the designated Sinochem pipeline suppliers.

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