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Stainless Steel Welded Pipes Used in Large Projects

Time:2015.11.27 Source: http://www.sssshangshang.com Author:www.sssshangshang.com
It is interesting to see that as society and governments are becoming more concerned about environmental and economic problems, the growth of the application of stainless steel has been the highest of any material in the world. Ideally, the stainless steel industry will have a rapid development in the following few years because people’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing.

As a kind of sustainable material, stainless steel has been widely used in the construction industry. The most outstanding is the Bird’s Nest built for the Beijing Olympic Games. Since stainless steel material is eco-friendly, the stainless steel pipe is sure to have the same advantage. Stainless steel pipe also has a wide application in the construction field and many other industries. Stainless steel welded pipe is the most widely used in our life.

Speaking of stainless steel welded pipe, we cannot forget the welded pipe application in LNG and water transportation field. During series of national projects like South-North Water Transfer and West-to-East Gas Transmission are in need of large quantities of stainless steel welded pipe. You might ask why we don't use stainless steel seamless pipe. Although the advantages and basic features of the two kinds of pipes are similar to each other, the stainless steel seamless pipe has higher cost because the production process of seamless pipe is more complex than the welded pipe. The welding technology is becoming mature and the quality is becoming higher. In addition to the low cost, the stainless steel welded pipe is the most suitable choice.

What’s more, the projects are too large and the materials used for the projects should be produced in large quantities in a certain time. Even the top stainless steel welded pipe does not take a lot of time to produce. Thus, top stainless steel welded pipe is more suitable for oil and water transportation. Also, stainless steel welded pipe has good strength and corrosion resistance. As there is always corrosive substance in the water and oil, it is important to have the corrosion resistance feature.

In addition to the transportation, the stainless steel welded pipe often can be used in construction areas for both decoration and practical use. If you are in need of top stainless steel welded pipe, Shangshang is able to provide the most high-quality pipes for you. In addition to stainless steel welded pipe, we also provide other pipes like industrial boiler and heat exchanger tube and capillary tubes for medical equipment and so on. For further information about our company, you can browse www.sssshangshang.com.